April 10, 2011: Braves + Avett = BrAvett

Sunday, April 10, 2011, was probably one of the most fun days I have ever had. How does it get much better than baseball and REALLY good music? When I first saw this concert announced via The Avett Brothers’ Facebook page I immediately grabbed tickets…and then called my friend, Jess, to tell her to not make plans for April 10. We were both jumping with joy! I bought the closest seats I possibly could because I wasn’t sure how the concert would be laid out. Soon enough, an announcement about FIELD PASSES was sent out!! We were sure to get those as soon as possible.

I was in heaven!

The thought of seeing The Avett Brothers whilst standing on Turner Field had me filled with UTTER JOY! I was counting down the hours until BRAVETT DAY! I even made a custom t-shirt for the occasion. More on what happened to that shirt later.

I awoke the morning of the show,because let’s be honest it was more a show than a game, like a kid on Christmas and immediately started getting ready for the game/concert. Let’s be honest here, I love baseball but to me this was more of a concert than a baseball game. I packed up the cooler, Jess picked me up and we were headed to the Ted! Tailgating was awesome! Jess drove which meant parking in the Nalley Lot which meant FREE VARSITY FOOD and a FREE BRAVES T-SHIRT!!!! Hell yeah! It doesn’t get much better than that. And the weather was absolutely gorgeous! 80 degrees. Lovely breeze. Blue skies! Perfect day for a concert outside!!! I had so many people calling and texting me to tell me they were coming to the game. I wanted to meet up with everyone but I didn’t have the time. I had priorities.

And their names were Scott & Seth & Bob & Joe.

We made our way into the stadium around the 4th inning because we were having entirely too much fun socializing in the parking lot. We sat down in our seats long enough to watch a few innings of baseball before we had to go pick up our wristbands to get on the field after the game. Then it was a waiting game….for all the people who weren’t staying for the FREE concert to exit….

FINALLY…it was time to go down to the field!! I had a hard time not running and shoving everyone in front of me out of the way, but I made it! The guys came on stage and it was all I had hoped it would be. The setlist was as follows:

And It Spread


The Fall

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

Slip Sliding Away (Paul Simon Cover)

January Wedding

Paranoia in B-flat Major

Kick Drum Heart

Laundry Room

Slight Figure of Speech

Living of Love


Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane

I and Love and You

Both of the brothers looked fantastic! Scott was wearing a black Braves hat and looked like a kid in a candy store playing on the baseball field. All throughout the set he made the BEST faces! And Seth looked just as happy too! His wife was there with them and my LAWD is she beautiful! She looked so cute in her little summer dress! I got so many good photos of both Scott & Seth that it was hard to narrow down which ones were my favorites.

Right before “Slight Figure of Speech”, Seth looked directly at me, pointed at my shirt and gave me a thumbs up. I freaked out! Since it was so extremely hot outside, I had worn a tank-top underneath the shirt. After he saw it, I decided he needed it. So I took it off and waited for the perfect time to throw it on stage to him. Just so you know, this is not normal for me to strip at shows and throw my clothes on stage. I kept asking Jess if I should do it and she was somewhat egging me on. Right before they played their last song, “I and Love and You”, I brazenly chucked the shirt on stage. I was afraid they wouldn’t see it. They played the song and as they were walking off the stage, Seth bent down and picked it up. I was floored! Just that simple act had made my day.

After their set was over we walked left the stadium. My phone immediately began ringing. It was my favorite Avett fan & friend, Lindsey. They were behind the stadium by the tour buses. I immediately motioned to Jess that we were headed over that way. We walked around back and had to wait for a bit, but it was definitely worth it. All four members eventually came out. Joe came out first and we talked to him briefly before Bob, Seth and Scott made their way out. Seth and his wife were holding hands and I about died from cuteness overload! I am so glad that they are married to such lovely women! She went on the bus while they stayed and talked to everyone waiting.

Fortunately, I had remembered to bring my issue of Garden & Gun where they were on the cover!

I spoke to Seth first. Of course I told him that it was my shirt that I threw on stage. He looked at me, smiled and said in his sweet Carolina accent, “It’s MINE now! And just my size so thanks!” I about died. His eyes are absolutely mesmerizing up close. He signed my magazine and then took a picture with me. And man does he give good hugs! My insides melted and I didn’t want to let go. Such a sweet, Southern gentleman.

I then walked over to where Scott was standingHe just smiled the biggest smile at me as I handed him my magazine. As he was signing it, I pointed out that my mother had a subscription to this random-to-me magazine. He replied “It’s a goooood magazine. She’s got good taste, your mom.” I am still smiling just thinking about it. Then he pulled me in tight for a photo-op. I seriously didn’t want to let go.

Best day of 2011! It was an absolute HONOR to meet these two gentlemen. And it is always an amazing feeling meeting those individuals that inspire you to be a better person. They show me that there are good people out there making good music! Not only are they talented but they are extremely down to earth, North Carolina boys!

Thank you Avetts and thank you Atlanta Braves for creating such a memorable experience. It is definitely something I will be telling my grandkids about and never forget!


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